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Root Canal

You’re probably nervous about having a root canal because it seems to have a reputation as one of the most horrific dental procedures of all time. Take a deep breath and relax! When you choose to have your root canal performed by a root canal dentist like Dr. Brent Wehner of Greenville, you’re putting your dental health in the hands of a patient, caring dentist with the expertise and technology to make your root canal as painless and as simple as possible.

They say if you know your “enemy,” you’re less likely to fear them. So let’s have Dr. Wehner help us take a look at the root canal procedure. First, why do you need one? A root canal is a way to save your natural tooth by limiting the effects of infection.

Second, what happens during a root canal procedure performed by Dr. Wehner? First he extracts the infected or inflamed tissue and then meticulously cleans, disinfects, shapes, fills, and finally seals the space left by the root canal inside the tooth.

Because of its delicate nature, some root canal procedures performed by even the most experienced of dentists like Dr. Wehner may take more than one appointment to complete. Once the final root canal treatment has been taken place, Dr. Wehner will fit you with a protective restoration in order to help prevent tooth fracture and restore near-normal tooth function.

That’s not really so bad, is it? Dr. Wehner washes out the invasive bacteria, fills it with biocompatible material, and seals it back up again. Just like an infection you might get anywhere else on your body—you need to get the bacteria out and the wound cleaned or there’s going to be trouble, right? Plus, just think, once you’re finished with your root canal visit to Brent Wehner DDS and you get a crown or a solid filling, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy, pain-free tooth—your own natural tooth, which will decrease your risk of chewing or biting problems or teeth shifting.

See for yourself how Brent Wehner, D.D.S. is “cleaning up” the infected roots of people all around Greenville and Texas—and churning out beautiful, healthy smiles! Call (903) 259-3801 or fill out the online form for your endodontic appointment or to pose any more questions you might have!

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